We are a Dry Sanitation equipment production unit. This project resulted from the LEADER program and funding began in early 2015 with the design and construction of dry sanitation equipment molds.

The project was conducted by Catarina Pires Rodrigues business woman as Sole Proprietors since 2013. However, its experience in dry Sanitation 2007 date when made Dry Sanitation Guide in collaboration with the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland.

During the first year of activity, the project will focus on acquire new customers, and to mark its presence in the market through jobs that our valued customers and friends will trust.

Our commercial activity is turned to the rental and sale of dry toilets and collection of waste produced and dry sanitation projects.

What we do

Dry Sanitation equipment

It consists of a composting process for treating bath human waste, without the use of water, which compound can be used for garden plants . These devices are used mainly in agriculture , but also in private homes , at work and festivals.



Dry Sanitation projects that save water, reuse treated gray water , value the waste produced and increase the sustainability of their building.


We sell and rent toilets and composting containers , at a competitive price.