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The composting toilet Ekolet® VS of solid and human waste and previously organically cleans the liquid. It has sufficient capacity for the use of four people two months / year.

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The composting toilet consists of a toilet in the bathroom and a rotating composting tank with four compartments under the floor. The air circulation assisted by electricity and through the ventilation pipe keeps the toilet completely odor free. No additives are necessary, and sewage pipes or water discharge.

If a tray is full, it spreads in a thin top layer of soil or compost, and a new compartment is rotated into position. The compound is taken out 1 time / year. The four compartments allow a long, natural composting and the final product can be used in plants.

The composting toilet Ekolet® VS is simple and reliable in construction. It does not contain parts that could break or block avoiding its use. The material is polyethylene plastic reinforced by steel and can be recycled. The packaging of composting toilet has all the parts required for a typical installation.

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Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 134 × 134 × 62 cm

plástico polietileno reforçado por aço


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